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Box Clever

Monday’s Lockergnome Windows Daily featured a program called Scott’s Box Shot Maker, which allows you to create one of those box images you see on software web sites. All you do is feed in 2 images and it does everything else for you. Anyhoo, in true Blue Peter style, here’s one I made earlier:

I’m in bed at the moment (one of the advantages of having a laptop computer ;)), and about to go to sleep. Everyone else seems to be out at someone’s birthday party; I didn’t go because I don’t actually know who this person is and thought it’d be a little rude to butt in. Even though several other people who are going don’t know she is either. And no, it isn’t Holly.


  1. Thanks for linking to the software. I’m downloading it as I type. It sounds like fun 🙂
    And trust me, I get just as few comments as you do…

  2. Firda! From WannabeGirl! Wow! There’s only 4 Blogs in my bookmarks – this site, , the Google Blog: and and 50% of them visit each others sites! Small world! . I do find Firda links to more exciting stuff, but I have personally met Neil and his blog does give an overview into UK university life which I never had.

  3. Firda!!! Hi!!!
    * faints *