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Another blow for Netscape 4.x

It seems that ezBoard is now playing the web standards tune, having updated many of its pages to XHTML/CSS and done away with tables. It’s great to see such a high profile site take such a move towards the standards (with the home page validating without any errors), but judging by the number of people still using Netscape 4.x, it’s maybe a little premature. The furore surrounding NS6.x really knocked Netscape’s image, despite the fact that NS7.x is a very capable browser. I personally prefer Mozilla, but that’s only because I don’t need the extras that NS7.x comes with.

Talking of which, Mozilla 1.2 Beta is now out, adding better support for Windows XP’s visual styles – one of the features I miss from IE. Also expect a spellchecker and Type Ahead Find, a better implementation of the standard ‘Find on this page’ feature. Phoenix, Mozilla’s cut-down, speeded-up counterpart is about to hit version 0.4 too, with the emphasis on bug fixing. I’ve yet to install it, mainly because I’m unsure if it will coexist with Mozilla – a quick visit to the Phoenix forums is therefore in order.
I’ll have a ‘life’ update later today, since I’m about to set off home. See you soon.

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