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Wahey! Alcohol! (and shaving)

I finally got to go out last night! The initial plan was to spend a couple of hours at Bar:Me and then go home for an early (bearing in mind it was about 7pm when we set out). There were 6 of us so we took a couple of taxis – the humourously titled Elvis Taxis is based literally next door to the halls so it takes them less than 2 minutes to get here. Kinda handy really.
Anyway, Bar:Me had a problem with their tills that meant they couldn’t serve us until 8pm, so we filed off to Wetherspoons for a while where we drank a Monster Reef pitcher (basically Vodka Reef topped up with various other alcoholic substances), before returning to Bar:Me, which by now had a few more people in it. And yes, I did karaoke again – this time a pretty good rendition of ‘National Express’ by The Divine Comedy and a somewhat worse rendition of ‘In The Summertime’ (hey, I only know the Shaggy version).
By now it was 10:30pm. Out of the 6 of us, 1 had gone home and 2 were about to go home, so the 3 of us remaining went on Revolution to annoy my next door neighbour (the Canadian one, not the hypnotised one who gets drunk easily) who happens to work there. A second pitcher of vodka-based substances later and it was midnight (remember the original plan being to come home at 9pm?) so we filed back via one of the takeaways and eventually made it into bed.
So, plans for today. This morning… um not much, but after lunch I need to prepare for a 1 hour lab test on internet research skills (fun?). I have to take it as non-attendance will probably lead to me failing the module (which is 10% of my first year grade), though judging by the opinions of those who had it on Thursday it looks hard…
This evening it’s back to Livingstones for you know what, and time for me to shave – I haven’t done so for 9 days now and if I go any longer several of the girls downstairs will probably stand over me and force me to shave. Either that, or my mum will when I go home on Wednesday.

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