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If I could only meet the guy who invented autosave…

Don’t even get me started on that lab test. Argh!
Okay, here’s the situation: you’ve been set a task to find web pages about a particular subject (in my case the architect Frank Lloyd Wright), and evaluate their content and the quality of the information. You have one hour to complete this task.
But 45 minutes into gathering information, your monitor turns black. The next thing you know, the computer is rebooting. And you haven’t saved your work…
That’s how I was feeling. This of course was in the middle of a lab test; failing this would lead to me failing the module. So I nervously put my hand up and asked for help.
However much I hate emacs, the text editor I have to use for my software development modules, I’ll credit it with one thing – having an autosave feature. Thanks to that I was able to pick up where I left off, only losing about 5 minutes in the time it took for me to log on to another computer. I didn’t find as many sources as I was hoping to – I was aiming for 6-10 and in the end got 4, but judging by what I heard from those who had already done it 4 or 5 was about the average.
Anyway, it’s over. Now I need to drown my sorrows in vodka.

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