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Okay, so I stayed in again last night. My excuse? Everyone’s gone home! In fact next week will be somewhat quiet as several other students have a reading week and so they’ve gone home for a whole bleedin’ week.
I have no idea what is happening tonight (though I’m not expecting anything), however I’m reasonably sure we’ll be out again on Sunday and Monday – Sunday is karaoke night at Bar:Me and Monday is Vodka Nationwide, this week featuring a mystery Big Brother 3 housemate… I’m betting it’ll be Tim, Lynne, Alison or another one who was evicted early or incredibly boring and therefore cheap. But I hope it’ll be Sophie, Adele or Kate.
Talking of going out, I’ve made more alterations to Bradford Student Nightlife. It should now actually work in Internet Explorer (darn its poor CSS implementation) and has a couple more entries. And a new design. It’s nowhere near finished, but it’s getting there. Slowly.
Since it’s getting towards 4:30pm and therefore most people will actually be awake, I’ll see what everyone else is doing.

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