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Another early one

Looks like I’m not going out tonight after all. Darn it.
What was worse that in preparation for last night I ironed a shirt, t-shirt and a pair of trousers especially to go out. I guess another 24 hours hung up won’t do them any harm. Serves me right for tempting fate, I suppose.
I attempted to get my modem to work in Linux by way of some drivers from Smart Link, the modem chipset manufacturer (yes, they do Linux drivers!). However, when I tried to build them, I got all sorts of weird errors from glibc; looks like I really need a Linux expert round to help me out. And despite the fact there are plenty of computing and cybernetics students about, most hadn’t even heard of Linux until they came here, never mind used it. Hmph.
Oh well, best be thinking about going to bed sometime. It’s not like there’s anything better to do.

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