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Mandrake (finally) installed

Finally got Mandrake 9.0 installed on here. Installation was relatively quick (I was in and out since I was cooking dinner at the time… chicken korma again if it interests you), and despite a rather ugly message appearing when I tried (and failed) to resize my FAT32 partition*, no hitches.
* = I had intended to create a second, small FAT32 partition which could then be converted to NTFS so that I could play with it.
To prove it, here’s a shot of my desktop (click to enlarge):

I’m using GNOME because that’s what is used in the labs (although I have a newer version) – I couldn’t install KDE due to lack of space. A great improvement is the addition of sound drivers for my sound ‘card’ (an SiS Wave integrated chip), which means I can actually have sound – 8.2 couldn’t provide such functionality. Downside is internet – I have a feeling that I’ve been given a winmodem so I’ll only have access when I’m at home.
But I am impressed. Perhaps I’ll use it more 🙂

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