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Last night was a quiet one – I stayed in and tried to help someone install Windows XP (which went okay though their modem doesn’t work… see later on) and then installed IE5 on someone else’s computer. Yes, IE5. She’s running an IBM Aptiva (remember those?) that seems to be stuck in a timewarp – it had IE2 on it. Yes, IE2. Which explains why she couldn’t get most web sites to work.
In fact, although MS’s web site worked, it wouldn’t let her download IE5.5 because IE2 (presumably) doesn’t support HTTP/1.1 (or something). Luckliy someone had IE5 on CD so that problem was solved. She still has loads of random Aptiva programs on there that she doesn’t need so I imagine I’ll be asked to remove them at some point.
Although it was a quiet night, I was still awake beyond midnight, though only just.
Today I had a lie-in until nearly 11am, which wasn’t smart considering I had a lab session at 12. And having got dressed, had a shower and eaten lunch, I was 10 minutes late. But then it’s only a lab session so I as long as I turned up and did the work no-one would be particularly bothered.
Despite being Monstrous Wednesday™, the lectures weren’t too bad, although I did nearly go to sleep in one of them. However, I’ll put that down to sheer tiredness rather than boredom.
Anyway, I came back, and then tried to fix someone’s modem in XP. You see, XP wants to install the Generic 56k HSF modem driver, which doesn’t work. He only has the 95, 98 and NT4 drivers, which also, as we found, don’t work. So he needs a new modem. Though obviously being computing students, we only decided that after about an hor and a half of fiddling every setting we could find that related to modems, device drivers or COM ports.
The consolation is that the girl who did have IE2 and now has IE5 will take his old modem – hers is only 28.8 and she still has Windows 95 so it should work fine. Assuming her Aptiva has a free PCI slot, anyway.
After crying over defunct modems, we went out bowling at the local Hollywood Bowl. It’s actually a good place – 28 lanes – but pricy; ₤7.70 per person for 2 games with no student discount. And, I won the first game! 2 strikes (including one on my first go) and 3 half strikes, with a total score of 117 across 10 rounds. Then I came last in the second game…
As you can tell, I’m back home and about to go to bed – I’ve managed nearly 48 hours without alcohol if you’re interested. Tomorrow I may finally get around to installing Linux, and/or start a website project that I got the idea for today, based on Movable Type. With a bit of luck, I may have an alpha version ready soon :).


  1. I remember ie2…..and I remember trying to download ie5 with it on – like you said, you cant get to the webpages! What is scary is when someone asks you to “take a quick look” at their windows 3.11 machine and you cant remember where anything is!

  2. The scariest thing is that Windows XP still has Program Manager included…