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Where’s My Sledgehammer? II

Time to vent some spleen…
Today was the dreaded CASS lecture, which actually wasn’t too bad; certainly not as abstract as last week. Though if it weren’t for a certain person sat next to me it would have been far better.
You see, I made the mistake of sitting next to a certain male greek student who has to transport his ego around on the back of a lorry. Yep, he loves himself, and he assumes everyone loves him too. So when he talks, stamps his feet, prods people and throws stuff at everyone he thinks he is the man. Oh please.
Look, I go to lectures to learn. I could not go of course, but then I wouldn’t learn anything, which would defeat the purpose. If you don’t want to be there, get up and leave, and let those of us who do want to come out with a degree do so in peace. You wouldn’t like it if I came into your room and prodded you while you were sleeping – how do you think I feel when I’m trying to concentrate on what I’m being taught?
Ugh. Men. They should be eradicated. Or castrated. Or something.

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