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More fiddling

I’ve been fiddling again, so here’s some new features for you…

  • All entries are now split into one of 5 categories (I may add a few more but 5 seem to be sufficient at the moment), with the category shown by each entry. Clicking on that category shows you a list of other posts within that category.
  • There are now some blog stats on the sidebar – this lets you know how many posts and how many comments have been added in total.
  • The individual entry pages now tell you which number of post you’re looking at, in case you were ever wondering

I’m also considering adding Trackback support for those of you who feel inspired by what I have to say, and I’m considering joining BlogSnob too, to get a little extra traffic. You only have to look at how few entries have comments to see how desolated this blog is…

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