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Another unoriginal post

Okay, so I’ve nicked this from Kim who stole it from Glenda who in turn borrowed it from Inez. But it’s my blog and my hangover, so I’ll do what I like.

10 years ago I…
…thought Madagascar was a town in Ireland
…was doing a school project about Egypt
…loved wearing a woolly jumper with knitted dolphins on it
…wasn’t all that interested in music
5 years ago I…
…was in detention for forgetting German homework
…had a really annoying German teacher
…discovered Sash!
…installed Windows 95
2 years ago, I…
…had just started college
…was making quite a few new friends
…was really into trance music
1 year ago, I…
…was looking forward to a new series of Have I Got News For You
…was starting my computing course
…was told by NTL that I couldn’t sign up to NTLWorld (even though I was an NTL customer…)
…had been on 6 plane journeys
Yesterday, I…
…went to a foam party! (though technically the foam didn’t come out until this morning)
…put some photos in for developping at a Jessops branch where nothing worked properly
…had another boring lab session
…had a fire drill (grrrrr…)
…tried to stay out of a bitch fight between two of my friends
Today, I…
…had 6 hours sleep
got an email from SETI@Home
…used Movable Type’s trackback for the first time (hi Kim!)
…have a really bad cough
Tomorow, I will…
…have loads of only mildly interesting lectures
…probably be going out again
…debating installing Mandrake
…taking some coloured pens to lectures
…learn how to spell ‘tomorrow’
Five things I have brand loyalty to:
VK Vodka Kick. Only Iron Brew to go, and that’s because Livingstones didn’t have it. Damn them.
McVities Penguin Biscuits.
All Around The World records.
Thornton’s Ice Cream.
Five snacks I enjoy:
Walker’s Cheese and Onion crisps.
KitKat Crunchy.
Apple Tango.
Apple VK.
My 5 biggest joys at the moment:
100 SETI units.
Doing karaoke on Sunday.
My Minesweeper high scores.
The amount of money I save by shopping at Netto.
Getting my Virgin v.card on Sunday.
Hmmm. That was harder than I thought.

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  1. hi!! you’re a kick in the pants. 😀