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Weekend stuff

Sorry for the lack of updates, but, as you will see, I’ve been rather busy.

Saturday – got the first Mandrake ISO downloaded but it turns out that it needs 80 minute (700MB) CD-Rs and I only have 74 minute (650MB) CD-Rs (apart from 1 80 minute CD-R that came free with a magazine), so to ensure that the second ISO could be burned meant a trip to PC World. Fortunately 80 minute CD-Rs are now down to 40p each (the 74 minute ones that we bought previously were 25p each) so it didn’t bust the bank. I also got a three-way splitter for my phone socket to allow me to use my phone on the same line as my modem, though I have noticed that since putting it on I haven’t been able to get quite so good connection speeds, probably because of the increased line noise.

I then got 2 new shirts from the Designer Outlet – yes, I thought I had enough shirts too but then until 4 weeks ago I didn’t have a social life. And due to the way my friends smoke their way through cigarettes a shirt will usually only last one night before it starts to stink.

After lunch and a quick change, we set off for my grandparents’ house. It was nice to meet up with everyone again, and I had a good chat with my cousin Dave about life in Bradford (Dave is the former Bradford graduate), and a good chat with Kevin, my cousin Elaine’s husband about computing stuff. I think most people stopped listening after we started talking about web servers…

It was a good evening though, and the food was good (though a few people did complain that theirs was a little cold); the only major complaint was that there was too much of it. What the Dacre Arms classes as a starter most places class as a main meal, and the main meals themselves are absolutely huge. That said, it was only

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