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Home is where the heart is

So here I am, back home. Been through the compuslory ‘how was it’ discussions with my parents, had some food and now I’m up here on my parent’s computer, downloading Mandrake 9.0. I’ve got 20% so far – it looks like an 8 1/2 hour job, which may seem slow but it was faster than I was expecting. I’m downloading it from a server in Austria – I usually go for but it wasn’t working for some reason.
Getting home was fun – I had a 14:57 train and could only leave my lecture at 14:45, so I was chuffed at being able to get from the university to the railway station in a swipe over 10 minutes. That said, I only caught the train by a whisker. Not something I want to be doing regularly.
It is good to be home – today was my first time on IRC for nearly a month due to Bradford’s slightly draconian restrictions on internet use, and it was nice being able to watch TV again. But I still want to go back on Sunday :).

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