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Still sober… apparently

Still in my PJs as I can’t quite yet be bothered to have a shower. Today’s Quiet Thursday™, so I’m taking full advantage of a lie in and a quiet morning. I need to do some laundry in the afternoon though, and it will have to be the afternoon because I don’t have enough change for the washer.
Last night was alright, though I have had better nights. The outcome was similar to what was planned in the previous post, except we didn’t get to Gaudi’s and gave up after Walkabout. Alcohol comsumption was quite high – 2 WKDs, 2 VKs, one shot of Malibu and a Reef – and according to R U Pissed? (which is a great candidate for my favourites) after Bar:Me I should really have considered taking a taxi home…
Apparently I am now sober, even though I don’t feel like it. My head and throat are rather sore and I’m rather sleepy, even though it’s 10:30am.
The other plan for today is preparation for tomorrow – I’m going home! My grandma turns 80 on Saturday so we’re having a family gettogether at their local pub, which does excellent meals; my dad rang me up a couple of weeks ago asking what I wanted from the menu and the food sounded really nice. I was actually spoilt for choice which was a very good sign. Because I still have quite a few clothes at home I’m probably only going to take my laptop and rucksack with me – I was contemplating taking my washing but it would be easier to get it done here.
As well as celebrating with my family (which includes two Bradford graduates so I already know the general topic of conversation) I’ll be downloading Mandrake 9.0, though this time only the first 2 CDs. I’ve never needed the 3rd CD for 8.2 and since I’ll only be on a 128k connection (which means about 16 hours per CD) I won’t have time to download all 3 and burn them in a single weekend.
Finally, some humour, courtesy of the LangaList. These jokes are horrible; you have been warned.


  1. To say you were writing that at “10.30”…how come it says you posted at 9.30 nehe.

  2. Cos the server is silly. Well, okay, it works on UTC. I need to fix that…