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Sober as muck

Been doing a bit of blog surfing today, so here’s what I’ve uncovered:
Firstly, from Ciaran’s Journal, the Prior-Art-O-Matic. It’s able to generate random product descriptions, but can also be influenced by words. Typing in ‘Neil’ produced:
Neil is an energy drink that has no moving parts, tracks its position with GPS and can be used by the whole family.
Exciting. On to WannabeGirl, where one can take an online breathalyzer test, courtesy of R U Pissed?.com. Since the last alcohol I had was on Monday night, I am stone cold sober. Though that’ll probably change tonight since we’re intending to go out. Quite where has yet to be decided but the best suggestion I’ve heard is Gaudi’s, The Head, Bar:Me, Walkabout, Livingstones and then Revolution. Though knowing us lot we probably won’t make it out of Bar:Me, and I don’t think Livingstones or Revolution will get a look in, somehow.
Finally, Meredith linked to a couple of interesting things, the first one about name frequency. It turns out that over 100,000 in the UK share my surname, according to Which isn’t surprising as ‘Turner’ is dead common anyway. Which is why if I were ever to get married, I wouldn’t be offended if my wife decided not to choose my surname. If anything, I might take hers…
The second interesting item on the site was an article from Reuters, officialy dispelling the myth that shoe size is linked to penis size. Which is relief considering I only take a UK size 7 – that’s a US 8 and a European 41.
Last night was a peaceful one – no fire alarms to worry about. I went to bed about 10:30pm though I stayed awake and read the paper for a while before going to sleep. Most people were in bed early, and I think everyone I talked to used the fire alarm as their excuse.
Note to self: check Netto to see if they sell sledgehammers.

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