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Where’s my sledgehammer?

There is someone I want to kill. Well, maybe not kill, but certainly inflict pain on. Here’s the scenario: at about 2:30am I got into bed, and started to drift off. Then at about 2:50am, the bloody fire alarm goes off. So I had throw on my dressing gown, pick up my keys and evacuate the building. Remember that this was about 3am in the morning – it was cold, it was raining and I’d had 5 VKs and a shot of praline vodka earlier on in the evening. I was not a happy bunny.
Anyway, it was a false alarm, and once it had been deactivated, everyone went back to bed. Then, at 6am, the bloody thing goes off again. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!
So, as you can tell, I’m more than slightly pissed off. But I did have a good night last night besides that – initially we went to the pub across the road to watch the Manchester United vs Everton match (which was 85 minutes of not much and then 5 minutes of class playing by the reds… and yes, I am a Liverpool supporter), but then went along to Vodka Nationwide, which was as good as, if not better than last week. I’m just glad I have no lectures on Tuesday mornings.

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