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Sleep is good

Another late morning, though interestingly not one that was coupled with a late night – I only went to bed at 11pm last night, yet I still managed to lie in until 11am this morning. Ah well, sleep is good.
Yesterday was somewhat uneventful – I don’t think I actually left the building at any point. After my evening meal (pasta bolognese again – it’s about all I have left in the cupboard) I watched the film Training Day (see also film unlimited) – which I actually found to be a good film. Violent, but well written and with some above-average acting. And I was watching it on DVD too – after being used to VHS for so long I’m very impressed by the increased quality that DVD offers.
Plans for today? Not much, mainly homework, washing and a trip to Netto.

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  1. yes indeed…sleep is good…it’s quite good…in fact…it’s just plain grand.