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Just received this from MyRealBox:

User [address removed] tried to send you a message containing the W32/Bugbear@MM virus.
The infected message has been returned to the sender with a notice that it was infected.

Nice to know that the virus filter on their system is working.
If you’re interested, it’s now 12:07pm and I’ve only been awake an hour. I ended up staying at the Friday Night Disco right up until it finished, so didn’t get back until 3am this morning. That beats the 2am that I crawled in at yesterday morning. The half shot of tequila that I had last night probably didn’t help either. Oh, the joys of being a student…


  1. We had tons of them at work this week. The only problem with their “autoreplys” to the sender is that most of the time the from address is faked so it’ll scare the people who didn’t even send them to you!

  2. That’s very true – Klez and BugBear are both like that. However some mail clients/SMTP servers also include a ‘X-ReturnPath’ which contains the real email address – the virii aren’t intelligent enough to forge those :).