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My T-Shirt

Someone inquired about the T-Shirt that I’m wearing today (presumably from watching the webcam), so I though I might as well post about it. It’s from Tyrrell Katz, though a scan through of their web site suggests that the design is no longer available. However, a very similar design from the same designer is available on a mug from Mclaggab Smith Mugs Ltd – you can buy online if you want to. The only difference is the ram on my T-Shirt is wearing glasses and is only 32Mb – obviously the mug is a more recent design :).
I also have a black T-Shirt with a Millennium Bug Cat from Whistling Fish; again I think it is discontinued but you can find some of the others in the series at Charlemma Cats – the Reservoir Cats t-shirt is quite amusing.
They were both bought via Rosie Nieper – although the site is still under construction you can order a catalogue.

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