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Ringing in October in style

Although I usually stay up at New Year to ‘see in’ the new year, last night was probably the first time I saw in a new month. And I have to say, it was a really good night.
Initially when I rooted around asking what people were doing, the general concensus was to stay in – one of my friends from ‘C’ floor wasn’t feeling too well so most people decided to stop back and watch Kevin & Perry Go Large on VHS. That finished at about 10pm, and so a few of us decided to go out (it is a film about clubbing after all…).
The night we went to was Vodka Nationwide (beware: site may have adult content), at Dr Livingstone’s, one of the new bars about 10 minutes down the road from the hall. The night has been rather over-advertised – I now have at least 5 door hangers and security are constantly taking their posters down (since they haven’t been authorised by the student union). But considering it was only

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