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Darn parents…

I just got an email from my mum (she emails me as it’s cheaper than phoning) asking how my blog did in the Guardian Best British Blog Awards. To you, this might sound perfectly normal, but to me it’s veeery straaange.
Why? Because I didn’t know my parents knew I had a blog. It may have been one of those things that I casually mentioned and they happened to take more notice of it than I first thought, or maybe they’ve (shock horror) read it.
I suppose it doesn’t really matter though; I certainly don’t think I’ve written anything derogatory about them in here, but it is kinda scary that they knew.
One thing they also know is that I bought this domain, but that’s because I told them that, and my incredibly tech-savvy mother then asked me why I’d bought a Mexican domain. Um… that’s ‘.mx’, not ‘’…
Tonight looks like a quiet night in. There is the Friday Night Disco, but without anyone to go with it’s not as fun. Even if I did get a text message from HeadPorter offering me a free drink if I showed the message when I went in.


  1. Any chance you can change your xml feed? It only gives the first ten words or so of an article now – previously you used to get the whole lot – very handy.

  2. woah that’s an alarming thought. i certainly hope my parents NEVER find mine. *lol* goodness know wheat they’d do to me if they read abt some of the posts i spend complaining about them.. haha~ ;D

  3. oops. i meant what, not wheat.