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Welcome to the new, improved Neil’s World! The blog is now on a different host, has its own domain name, and is now powered by Movable Type instead of Blogger. This means that:

  • The RSS feed is now hosted on the server
  • Comments are hosted on the server, so they should be faster and work better
  • will be pinged every time I update, not just when I’m using w.bloggar
  • All posts will have a title
  • A list of recent posts is shown on the side bar, along with links to the monthly archives and a blog calendar
  • You’ll be able to remember the URL more easily!

I’m still setting this up, so I’d appreciate any bug reports, comments or criticisms you may have.


  1. this commenting box loads faster, alright. But the old one was really nice! are u planning to make this one look spiffier? heh *grin* 🙂

  2. I sure am 🙂 So far only the index page is done; all the other pages need doing now…

  3. Testing out the new comments page…

  4. And again, this time with an extra button…

  5. Your calendar is encroaching onto your main area of text Neil

  6. Not in Mozilla it isn’t… I’ll look into it.