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Learning still on hold

I’ve successfully gone a second day without any lectures. Most people started them on Monday, but the Department of Computing seems to have decided that we need to meet our tutors first. So my first lecture is tomorrow afternoon… and it’s 5 hours. Eck…
In the meantime I got some washing done, though for some reason the tumble dryer, um… didn’t. So I’ve now got clothes draped other everything in the hope that they’ll dry sometime soon. I also managed to lose a sock somewhere, so if someone sees an orange and black sock with ‘Thursday’ on it, let me know, m’kay?
Oh yeah, my thumb is healing up a little, though it still hurts. It’s not bleeding though, which I supoose is some consolation.
On Sunday night, I got a chance to watch the film Shrek, and actually it’s a really good film. The ending was a bit pants but the rest of it was fine.
As for tonight? Erm… I’m going to see what everyone else is doing. I think there’s a BAPS (Bradford Association of Pharmacy Students) night out, where guests are invited, so hopefully someone will invite me. Most of the other students in my hall are doing pharmacy as it is.


  1. ahhh what i’d give for a day free from the horrors of lectures/tutorials. haha. 🙂 anyhow, can i link you? (there’s no need obligatory links back, btw *grin*)

  2. oh and by the way… what course are you majoring in?

  3. Sure, feel free to link to me, I’d really appreciate it 😀 .
    I’m studying Computing and Information Systems – a 3 year course with an additional industrial year.