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Surfing Safely

Just added SafeSurf ratings to the site. If it interests you, I set language settings to ‘1’ (some bad language), homo- and heterosexual references to ‘3’ (technical references) and intolerance to ‘3’ too.
Sometimes I agree so much with bunda it scares me. This post is no exception – several cases of people dying because their (or their families’) religious beliefs prevented them from having blood transfusions. What really got me was the fact that a family of a deceased patient decided to sue the doctor because the patient died after refusing a transfusion, despite a court ruling that the doctor was not negligent (and rightly too). I dispair at people sometimes.
The article was especially interesting as in one of the ODP forums we were having a (somewhat lighthearted) discussion about Jehovah’s Witnesses, who (generally) annoy me immensely. Everyone is free to believe what they want to believe, but I hate people who invade your personal space and try to inflict their beliefs on you. Same goes for the people who read bible verses in the street, and the Hare Krishna followers who stick Gouranga posters up everwhere. That’s not to say all Jehovah’s Witnesses are like that (and it seems to me to be a minority), but they do give the following a bad name. It’s not like I spend my evenings preaching why atheism is great, is it?
[end rant]

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