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Frankly I’d Rather Not

Tony Stiedler-Dennison of LG Penguin Shell fame has (re-)started his blog. It’s called Frankly, I’d Rather Not, and, despite only having one post so far (a thought provoking peace on September 11th), it promises to be worth a read. And in true open-source tradition, it’s powered by Movable Type.
I’m still toying with adding Brian’s blog to my blogroll (Brian being another member of the LG family) – it’s got quite a cool design but I just don’t find it all that interesting.
Last night was my final night at Ventures (soon to become Yorvik Explorer Scouts) before going away to University – I make the move this Sunday. Today’s my final clearing up day – tomorrow is shopping and packing, Saturday will be partly spent at the annual York Festival of Food and Drink (which promises to be very good this year, pity I’m missing most of it). And Sunday is when I go!

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