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Trillian 0.74

Trillian 0.74 has been released, though I’m having a hard time downloading it – the web site seems to be too busy. Cerulean Studios have also released Trillian Pro 1.0 – a commercial version with more features (such as video conferencing, subscription channels for popular websites etc.). It costs $25 – I may consider it.
The security vunerability, which had a number of people running around like headless chickens a couple of weeks ago, has been fixed in this release. The UI has also been changed – it no longer uses the IM network logos to signify each network and instead uses more generic icons. I personally liked the old way, but it was probably done due to copyright or something. All chat windows now have a hide button, which is a nice new feature, but other than there aren’t any new features – it’s mostly a maintenance release. And it still rules.

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