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Steve Gibson: get XP XP1

Steve Gibson is thoroughly recommending that all Windows XP users download and install SP1. It turns out that XP has a gaping security hole, and that merely clicking on a link that is formatted in a certain way could allow for files to be deleted in bulk on the user’s drives. Scary stuff.
The hole is, however, fixed in SP1, but as yet there is no update on Windows Update for non-SP1 users, nor does IE6 SP1 fix the problem.
Exact details of the flaw, which Microsoft has known about for 3 months (yes, 3 whole months), are being kept secret by Steve to make sure that those who have yet to upgrade have chance to do so (it is a 130MB download after all…), and it is only XP that is affected – none of the other MS operating systems have this flaw.
Now I’m just waiting for the conspiracy theorists to come up with an argument that MS created this hole specially, to encourage people to upgrade to SP1 and then have to agree with its new EULA. It is almost certainly b******t, but it seems that being against MS is all the rage these days. Of course, some of it is understandable, but I do dispair at some people’s attitudes. Talk about crying other spilt milk…

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