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PayPal Woes

Argh! Darn Paypal!
Since BlogRolling is now accepting donations again (and has now limited free accounts to 2 blogrolls – okay I have 3 and can keep them but I can’t create any more), I thought I’d offer some money. I registered, gave over my bank details and then offered to donate some money to Jason, the guy behind BlogRolling. Then it asked me for my credit card details.
Apparently, non-US bank accounts have to be validated by credit card, since there is no automatic way of doing it. So without sending across a valid credit card in my name, I can’t use the service.
As you may know, I am avoiding credit cards like the plague, at least while I’m a student. It annoys me that I have to do this – now that eBay (who have UK operations) own Paypal, can they at least offer to UK users what they already offer to those in the US?
As it stands, Paypal ain’t gonna get none of ma money.

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