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XP SP1 on BBC News

BBC News are running an article about XP SP1, detailing how MS is ‘playing fair’ with the DoJ ruling by allowing users to block access to the bundled MS applets. It’s getting a bit of stick from Slashdotters who claim that MS is playing anything but fair with regards to the new EULA that, depending on how you look at, may give MS the right to access your computer and change your files. I’ve seen different opinions other this – The Register is up in arms about it whereas Fred Langa is a lot more chilled out.
Me? I just installed it. I don’t really care, and seriously doubt MS would ever do such a thing, and besides, it’s a nice easy way of getting all of the security updates. Though I feel I have to quote an anonymous poster to the Slashdot article:

In the UK, a contract is not valid if one of the parties is incapacitated through drink or drugs. So sign it after you’ve had a few! Who needs expensive scary lawyers when you can just have a guinness and a joint? Its a simple business decision!

Should’ve tried that :). Never mind.

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