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SP1 Screenshots

Okay, here are the XP SP1 screenshots (click on them to enlarge):

A new link at the top of the Start Menu, which allows you to control the default web browser, media player, instant messaging client, email program and Java VM. It also gives quicker access to the Add/Remove Programs dialog, which is very useful.

This takes you to a new fourth tab on the Add/Remove Programs applet from Control Panel, which lets you choose three schemes: Microsoft, Non-Microsoft or Custom. On my machine, where Mozilla is the default web browser and email client, this was already set to custom.

Expanding the Custom Configuration section allows you to select a program, and then remove access to those that you don’t want.

Since I use Trillian, I don’t need Windows Messenger, so this shows Windows removing access to it. If I need it again, I can always restore access at a later date, and the process only takes a matter of seconds.

And this is the modified System Properties applet in Control Panel (the number has been deliberately blurred out by me).
If I discover anything else that is new, I’ll post it here 🙂

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