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SP1 Installed

This message is coming from Windows XP SP1 :). It installed okay, and doesn’t seem to be significantly slower than the original release.
The first new thing I noticed was a ‘Set Program Access and Defaults’ link at the top of the start menu – this allows to choose which web browser, email client, media player, instant messenger and Java VM program you want as the default, and allows you to disable access to those that you don’t set as the default. Although I only removed Windows Messenger (I still need IE to view a few badly designed websites, and OE still has my old emails), it’s at least a step in the right direction.
If you can stand all of the advertising, then TweakTown offer a useful guide to upgrading, including, controversially, how to download the leaked versions of SP1 and how to upgrade pirated copies. If you’re going to upgrade, view it now while it is still online.
I’ll upload a few screenshots of what is new once I’ve had time to explore the new features – unfortunately MS have yet to upload the full details to their site but when they do it’ll be at KB article Q324720.

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