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MS needs a plumber

Way to go Microsoft. Although Windows XP Service Pack 1 isn’t due out officially until Monday (9th September), the final build was leaked, and was available to download last night. The Register reported it, but said don’t bother since you’ll still be downloading it by the time it is officially released.
If you’re interested, I managed to get 13KB of it. The full package is 130MB. Ah well.
Anyway, it appears to have been pulled now, probably because of all of the bandwidth it is sucking up. Hopefully when it really is released, there will be some decent ways of obtaining it. As The Reg put it:

We at The Register are however confident that Microsoft will not break with tradition, and that a new, more durable SP1 leak link will appear soon. In fact we’re pretty sure it’s already out there somewhere.

We’ll see.

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