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Proxy Problems

The last post, incidentally, came to you via Ciaran, due to the fact that I’ve been unable to connect to Blogger or several other US sites (notably BlogRolling and Furo’s weblog). I still can’t connect officially, but thanks to a page I found on NTHellWorld, I was able to manually specify one of NTL’s Leeds proxies and have been okay ever since. AFAIK one is assigned automatically but the one I was assigned probably wasn’t working. Ah well, all seems to be okay now.
You may noticed the ‘Other’ blogroll has expanded a little – I added AbsoBlogginLutely and WannabeGirl to the list since they seem quite cool blogs.
I also found this link, probably via WannabeGirl – Is it over yet?. Every day, it tells you what percentage of President George W. Bush’s time in office is complete, and is currently (only) at 40.38% (that’s a smidgen over two fifths, if it makes it any easier). But remember that mid-term elections are about to happen over there, and this time next year he’ll have to start campaigning to stay in office. Which, hopefully, will be unlikely…

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