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Another interesting find via WannabeGirl – Ask Lucifer. From the site:

Due to a gap in the market due to God and Jesus’s current non-interventionist policy, Lucifer is offering Free Guidance for all matters of a spiritual, moral or scholarly nature.

It’s… strange, but offers a few minutes of novelty value. Jaime may like it, anyway ;).
And to follow up something that various other bloggers have been talking about: it appears that Google is trying to unblock itself in China. Well, ‘block’ maybe isn’t the word – according to Chinese officials the site was never blocked at all, but it hasn’t been accessable to Chinese users. Of course, whether these officials were being honest is debatable – a number of sites are blocked because they give information about banned political or religious groups (read: any group that isn’t the government), and it’s not unlikely that Google was added too. Though it would seem a little futile, since you can use BBCi and Yahoo to access Google’s results, and Yahoo certainly wasn’t blocked.

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