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Accommodation Offerings

Bradford have offered me some accommodation, and ironically it’s in the same block that my dad stayed in when he was an undergraduate (Revis Barber Hall). What comes around comes around, I guess.
What I’m slightly annoyed about is that the restrictions on internet access in the rooms – it is supposedly only for academic use. The items listed as being disallowed didn’t include weblogging or general surfing (just chat and high bandwidth activities), though I’ll need to take a look at the full list first. And ironically, to be able to access the list on the intranet site I need to have a user name and password from the university, which I won’t get until I sign up with the scheme. Oh the irony.
The phone charges also seem a little steep – you can read them here as they are publicly available. Specifically 8p a minute for calling home is a bit harsh – hopefully my rhubarb card will sort that out though.
Not done much at home today, other than tidy up and do some ironing (that great masculine activity…). Next door are having their new fence extended, so we now have a shiny new (and reasonably stable) fence down one side of the garden. Now if only our other neighbours would get new fences too ;).
Tonight is Ventures – we haven’t planned anything specific though.
On the net, I’ve been reading Steve Bass’ Windows Kvetch article, which was written with some inspiration from us Xteqqers. It’s quite lengthy, but worth a read as it covers various Windows annoyances and how to get rid of them.
See ya tomorrow 🙂

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