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Get down, BT

Good news – BT lost the hypertext patent case. This idiotic claim by BT was an attempt at charging companies for using hyperlinks, which BT claims it patented. Apparently, it… um… didn’t. And a good thing too – if you owned a company, you’d have to pay royalties for every link you made. As if BT were ever going to get people to pay…
By the way, that link was found courtesy of AbsoBlogginLutely!, which links to me via BlogRolling and is also one of my siblings on BlogTree – it seems we both saught inspiration from Chris Pirillo :).
Yesterday I went with my parents to Brodsworth Hall near Doncaster – it’s a country house with some nice gardens, but is interesting because the house is still being restored (some rooms haven’t been touched, others have large cracks in the ceiling and damp…). Quite a good place to visit. However, English Heritage’s web site does not render at all well in Mozilla so be warned.
We then went onto the nearby Meadowhall where I picked up Stopping Spam from the O’Reilly series. It’s a very good book – it describes the tactics used, how email and usenet work, a history of spam and all sorts. And it only cost 99p :).
Today’s been another boring day, mostly spent updating to Mozilla 1.1! Yes, it’s out, and yes, it rocks. It seems faster than the previous builds too, which is always good.
And Ciaran’s blog now has a new final resting place – you can find a link to it in the sidebar. He’s now configured his script to ping so it should show as updated when he’s written something. Dontcha just look BlogRolling? 😉

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