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Reading the bumpf

Friday – Bradford sent me the welcome pack, with a huge pile of leaflets and brochures that I need to read and digest before I go. I also filled out a form to update my status with reference to my student loan – I doubt there’ll be any chanes in the amount of money I’m entitled to, but at least they know where to send the cheque 🙂
My auntie and uncle also came over – they’re based down in Norfolk but are doing a ‘northern tour’, visiting friends and relatives, and wanted to stop over for a night and see how we were doing. The weather was awful, so we wound up going to the designer outlet after lunch, and spent the evening watching Dad’s slides from when we went to France a few weeks ago.
Saturday – they moved on across the pennines, so we went out to the twice-monthly farmers’ market at Murton (note to self: must ask if they want a website…) and then went into town to do some shopping. Since I’d hardly been near a computer for the past 24 hours, I spent the rest of yesterday catching up with what I’d missed in terms of emails and ODP stuff.
Sunday – another quiet day, mostly spent editing. Now you can see why I haven’t updated much :)…
You may, however, been interested to know that Trillian is vunerable to security attacks. This was reported earlier in the month, but as yet there has been nothing done about it. Hmmm…
Mind you, today I downloaded no less than 4 security updates from Windows Update.

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