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Blogging Boredom

You know, writing the “Will you ever get bored of blogging?” question on the Blog Info page was probably a bad idea, since I’ve been a little bored of it. Hopefully it’s a passing phase.

So what’s happened? Well, things. Yesterday I changed my email address. I’m now using as an email account – it’s a free service provided by Novell (of all people), mainly to serve as a test bed for the commercial packages. Despite not having guaranteed uptime, it looks like quite a good deal – as well as a webmail interface, you get POP3 and IMAP support.

I’m also moving away from using Outlook Express as my email client, and instead giving Mozilla Mail a try (which is now upgraded to version 1.0.1 RC1 – a few minor but useful modifications). I’m actually very pleased with it – it’s faster than OE and the interface is nice.

Today I had to ring up Bradford University – I still hadn’t received anything from them about my place so I thought I’d better check. Turns out that the message hadn’t come through properly from UCAS – one computer said I had confirmed the place, the other hadn’t. They’re now in sync, so I should be receiving the registration documents in due course. I’ve sent in the accommodation form today.

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