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Rolling Improvements gets better and better. Now, you can add a RecipRoll, which includes all of the blogs that link to you, and also view the 100 most recent additions to people’s blogrolls.
There’s also the top 100 most-linked to weblogs – top is Ain’t Too Proud To Blog with 165 links, closely followed by Chris (155) and Gretchen (106). (106) and Blogatelle (98) are the other two that make up the top 5.
The blog in 100th place, Tres Producers, has 27 links to it, so that’s my target. Come on, link to me, pleeeeease?
Will I be adding a RecipRoll? Erm… no. Why? Well, out of the three blogs that would be on it, there would be this blog (I link to myself, apparently…), Chris and another blog that I really don’t like – I tend to disagree with most of what he has to say. While I’m not naming names or sites, it’s probably because he is a patriotic American and I’m an open-minded European. Well, that’s what I think I am, and I hope that comes across. Like Bill Thompson, in this Register article, and subsequent follow-ups in The Guardian and again in The Register.

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