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Releasing the pressure

Well, I rang UMIST, and have now been ‘released’. I’ll probably get confirmation from Bradford on Monday. I’ll also need to let the Halifax and the Student Loans Company know that I’ve changed university. Fun, eh?
Been to Driffield today – my mum buys her bread flour from the nearby Bell Mills Garden Centre and she was about to run out, so she dragged me over there and bought 12Kg of the stuff. But it does make really nice loaves of bread…
Anyway, we didn’t spend long in Driffield (it’s a typical northern market town so there isn’t all that much there), but we did have lunch at The Bell Hotel, which I can thoroughly recommend; the staff were very friendly, the food was made to order in front of you and you can choose what to have in your sandwiches (including what extras), and they served real ale to boot. It’s a 3 star hotel in the Best Western chain – if you’re in the area, consider staying there.
Just before I go, I’ve got a bone to pick with Click2Music, who, after sending me absolutely sod all for the past few months, have suddenly sent me 4 emails in the same day. If that wasn’t enough, when you open the messages they instantly open a JavaScript popup (even the OE says I’m using the Restricted Sites zone), and to enter some of the competitions that they are running, you have to enter three of your friend’s email addresses. Fortunately,, and don’t exist >:-) .

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