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Me = Not going to Manchester

The letter from UMIST came today – I definitely don’t have the place. I’ll ring them up later today – they have offered me alternative courses, but in something completely different (Textiles). Erm… what? I applied to do Computing Science. All of the other degrees on my form where Computing Science (or related). Why do I want to study Textile technology? Talk about adding insult to injury…

So, I’m going to Bradford in 4 weeks. Okay, so Manchester is a nicer city, and the accommodation at UMIST was better. But Bradford isn’t bad, and at least I’ll have free internet access in my room (albeit on 56k dial-up). And it’s closer to home.

Last night, we went out for a meal as a kind-of ‘getting into university’ celebration. Okay, we only went to the local pub, but we had a nice meal nonetheless (and I was absolutely stuffed afterwards).

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