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BladeEnc bites the dust

The author of the BladeEnc MP3 Encoder has officially announce that the encoder will be discontinued. BladeEnd will probably be known as being the first decent open source encoder, and the first to use a DLL interface, but has fallen behind its cousin Lame (which is what I use). It’s a pity, but the author admits that he was working on something that was generally inferior.
SlashDot has taken a rather sentimental view, saying that it was a pity and hoping that the author would help out with the newer (and better) Ogg Vorbis format which recently reached version 1.0. The Hydrogen Audio forum has taken a ‘good riddance’ line, stating BladeEnc as being inferior and useless.
Me? I’m indifferent. By current standards, yes it isn’t very good. But back in 1998, it was the bees knees.

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