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The waiting is over

The waiting is over – I now know my A-level results. But to be honest they weren’t really worth waiting for – I didn’t do nearly as well as I had thought I had done.
The best result was a ‘C’ in Geography, but I only managed dismal ‘D’ grades in Maths and French (of which I achieved ‘A’ and ‘A*’ respectively at GCSE only two years ago), and a ‘D’ in Computing AS.

What was really annoying was the fact that I would have got a good ‘C’ in computing, if it weren’t for the coursework – that didn’t even make ‘E’ grade. And apparently, my coursework was one of the best in the group. Doesn’t give you much faith in the York College computing department, does it?

But every cloud has a silver lining – I was still able to get a place at Bradford University on the course I applied for. I’m still waiting for a response from UMIST, but I doubt I’ll get in – by my calculations I was at least 60 points short of the 300 they were asking for. There is the opportunity of internal clearing at UMIST, but I’m unsure whether I really want to do the other courses that are still on offer in the Computing area. One is based around electronics – not good because I’m more of a software junkie – and the other was Computing with Geography, which might be worth it considering I did well in Geography, but do I actually want to do it?

The reason why I’m still waiting for confirmation is down to the fact that the UCAS website appears to have gone down, probably due to the huge numbers of people trying to access it. Fortunately I got in early while it was still working, which is why I know that Bradford accepted me.

Still, I’d find it incredibly annoying if I was trying to find information about clearing, or to get my results, only to find that the server isn’t working.

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