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Variable Day

Today has been interesting and boring at the same time. Boring because I’ve been at home all day, but interesting because robozilla reared his ugly head today. Which means that the next few days/weeks/months will be spent sorting through these – finding out if the site has moved, or just deleting the listings if nothing can be done. Fun? Not really, but it’s in the job decsription, I guess…
Another interesting thing – we seem to have an amphibious friend in the garden. When going to refill the feeder tank for our fountain, I noticed a little frog sat there. He popped again later, so maybe he’s going to hang around?
Actually last year we had quite a large frog who took up residence in the cold frame, though he/she hasn’t returned this year. Ah well.
And in less than 48 hours time, I’ll know where I’m going in September, though after this mix up involving UCAS I’m a little worried…

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