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Just a little update to the site design – if you’re browsing using Mozilla, you’ll notice a little ‘n’ in the title bar (and the tab bar if you’re browsing with tabs). It’s like the ‘favicon’ thing, but here it’s attached to the page using a <link> tag and the file is a (well optimised) PNG image, which is more efficient and more cross-platform compatible than the standard ICO format. Okay, so it doesn’t work in IE, but then that only uses favicons when you add the sites to your favourites (hence the name…).
Talking of Mozilla, if what has happened to is anything to go by, it could receive a legal challenge over the right to use its name from the trademark owners of Godzilla. This could even affect the ODP, who use a ‘reptile-like character’ on almost all of the public pages (one of the more light-hearted perks of being an editor is the ability to choose which ‘mozzie’ is featured on each category). Eugh… don’t you just hate it when this sort of thing happens? (thanks to modweb for unearthing that).
And if you haven’t been to Chris’ blog recently, then go, because he’s got an awesome new design 🙂

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