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So, Winamp3. I’ve had a tinker around with it, and while I do like some of the improvements, here’s my for and against for upgrading (from 2.8):


  • New, better skins
  • Supports video
  • Has a media library
  • Skins now cover all dialogs and menus, not just the main window
  • Built-in crossfading
  • Can co-exist with Winamp 2.x


  • Much, much slower at loading (30 seconds as opposed to 5 in Winamp 2.8)
  • Old plug-ins and skins won’t work (at least at the moment)
  • Currently only full download available
  • Some options have been removed (changing the tray icon, for example)
  • Seems to require more system resources

So, was it worth upgrading? With hindsight, probably not, since I still use dBpowerAMP as my main player (which is still quicker at loading than Winamp 3), and it is much less efficient (sadly). But as the two can co-exist, even in the same folder, I don’t really see the need to remove it as yet.
As they say: “Everything’s worth a try once”

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