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So where did we go?

Ikea. Today was very wet and miserable, so doing a bit of indoor shopping was about the best thing to do. We inded up buying a few things – mostly stuff for me for when I leave home in, err… five weeks. Eck.
As you can see from below, I scanned in the photograph of when the bird landed on my head while on holiday – Dad managed to slide a sneaky shot in. Actually, I’m quite impressed at how it came out – after a little sharpening and cropping it was fine – no need for adjustments to the contrast/brightness/colour balance etc. It was scanned from a slide, BTW.
I also updated my Blogger Code, since I’ve now been blogging for over 6 months (time flies, doesn’t it). My answers to a couple of questions also changed, so I’ve provided a convenient ‘Decode’ link for you.
Tomorrow I’m off to see my grandparents. They’re off to the same area of France that we were in this year, so I’ll be taking my holiday snaps and sharing guidebooks and all that jazz.

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