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Although I’ve seen links to it all over the place, it was only today that I came across BlogTree, through a link in Guardian Online WebWatch. I normally read Online in print form, but it didn’t arrive today, so I’ve had to make do with the website version, sans images.
Anyway, BlogTree. It’s a project aimed at uncovering the genealogical links between weblogs. You may not think that there is such a thing, or if there is, it’s something incredibly complicated, but actually, it’s simple. You select one or more blogs that inspired the creation of your blog, which then become your parents. Your siblings are blogs which share the same parent(s), and your children are blogs which were inspired by yours.
AFAIK, it was Chris and Gretchen, who, way back in January, inspired me to create this blog, so they are my ‘parents’ (fitting that I choose a husband and wife, eh? ;). I have a few siblings, but so far I’m childless. If you like, you can view my ‘pedigree’.
incidentally, Gretchen is both a parent and a sibling. Now how does that work?
In other news… dmoz is back up (it was actually down for an hour and a half, instead of the 3 hours we were originally told), I’ve eaten all of the fudge, and Abbey National still haven’t rung. They really are pushing the 48 hour response time – they’ve got 2 hours to get back to me at this rate. Hmph.

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