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Abbey Annoyances

Well, Abbey National never rang. So much for my compliments on good customer service. I’ll pop in on Monday and see if I can sort it out – tomorrow I’m doing something with mum. We haven’t decided what yet, but it won’t be in London (my mum can’t face it) and it’ll be indoors (because it’s due to pour down).
I’ve also uploaded a robots.txt file to the server, mainly to prevent the indexing of my stats, which I casually happened to link to in the past – it now turns up on various searches. Thanks to hstyri for pointing me to SearchEngineWorld’s useful guide to how to format the files. It was also partly inspired by an updating of the ODP robots.txt file so that Bookmarks is now no longer indexed, in the hope that various editors will be discouraged from listing sites there to try to improve their rankings (particularly fradulent editors who sign up just for that purpose).
And the fudge? It’s been… um… eaten. *burp*

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