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Linky Love

Finally… another user has blogrolled me! Here’s a thanks to Slobokan, presumed blogmeister of Slobokan’s Site O’ Schtuff, though whether he has linked me because he like reading, or because Chris and Furo link to me is perhaps open to debate (Michael – if you’re reading this, feel free to enlighten me here).
His blog is interesting, if a little messy (like most Movable Type blogs it has links galore on either side and takes up the full page). I did, however, like the ‘Boycott Schtuff’ section on the right – apparently he’s currently boycotting AOL, the American stores Best Buy and Home Depot, Saudi Arabia, and, er… Florida. Well, someone has to boycott it, I suppose.
I’m gradually working my way through the fudge – it’s actually really nice. It’s the homemade chocolate covered type, in a variety of flavours: vanilla, chocolate, banana, mint, strawberry and coconut. I would have bought some of the alcoholic fudges (containing rum, whiskey, Irish Cream and gawd knows what else), but I, erm, didn’t. Maybe next year, if I end up going.
And the bank account? Still no phone call. But then they did say 48 hours, and that was only 24 hours ago. I just hope they don’t ring up asking for a ‘Mr Turner’ – I’ve already told a certain caller in the past that ‘Mr Turner is not available’ when the call was actually for me and not my father…

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